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Cast - "I Love the Knightlife"

Main Courtroom

King Arthur The undisputed King of Camelot who has more than a healthy infatuation
with Elvis. In fact everything he says and does is a tribute to Elvis Presley.
This character is very likeable, funny and must be able to sing!

Guinevere The soon to be Queen of Camelot. She is a no nonsense leader who prefers
action rather than words and is not frightened to lead the way.

Merlin The old magician of Arthur is not as mysterious as everyone first thought
although when the going gets tough he can still pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Knights of the Round Table

Lancelot The oldest and best knight of the order. Unfortunately he has been around so
long that he now tends to spend his life rambling about the "good old days".

Gawain One of the smarter knights despite his problems with long division.

Gallahad Referred to as "the pure" he is young and a big baby.

Bors Outright dummy, deadhead and that's being nice to him.

Bedevere Quite sarcastic and free speaking until Morgan casts a spell that makes him stutter.

Percival The chaperon of Sir Bors.

Apathy As his name suggests, he couldn't care less about anyone or anything.

Flatley Based on the lead dancer from "Riverdance". A real poser.

Kay Arthur's older brother who thankfully doesn't sing.

Ladies of Honour

Clare Innocent and gullible.

Marlee/Geller Sisters who have but one brain to share between the two of them.

Uma Guinevere's right hand lady who is always willing to try things.

Morgan Le Fey Evil Queen/Witch and half-brother of Arthur. Needs to be very nasty!

Trolls 1 & 2 They make Bors look brilliant.

Page Likes blowing horn a lot and giving smart comments.

Compere Master of Ceremonies for the "Dancing Competition".

Larry Emblem Based on Larry from "Price is Right" - a TV host.

Lawyer Small role for someone who like Ally McBeal.

Narrator Pops in and out throughout the story and likes playing tricks on others(6 roles).

Jack & Jill The Two-Headed Knight will be joined for one scene. Need to be good friends.

Strange Man Runs Customs Department. Must be senile and have a laugh to match.

Messenger Just like a Dark Ages postman who mixes up his letters.

Limerick Knights 5 Knights who speak in nothing but Limericks.

Elaine A great dancer.

Ladies of Lake Beautiful girls who must be able to dance and hold score cards.

Singlets Backup singers and dancers for all songs.

In addition to general chorus parts I also split the roles of Arthur, Narrator, Compere to cater for the large number of students who participated.

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