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Extras - I Love the Knightlife

Props List

Decorated Table with foods/drinks
Decorations for wedding
Clear top round table/ Coloured Lights
Trumpet or Horn
Book of Spells
Talcum Powder
Mobile Phone
LYNX Spray Can
Curse Voucher
7 x CD’s
Yellow Pages
Storybook for Narrator
Customs Sign
Gag and Handcuffs
2 Hobby-horses
Electric Eel/Rubber Snake
Stick (Disc Detecting Device)
Headless Doll

Rehearsal Schedule (Word document)


Cast List Proforma This contains all the parts including backstage (Word Document)

Running Sheet

Scene 1 Ballroom - Let’s Have A Wedding
Lancelot rambles
Scene 2 Arthur arrives - It’s Now or Never
Camelot Rock Guinevere is late
Scene 3 Morgan arrives - Curse Voucher
Scene 4 All Star Squares - Lawyer - Surrender
Scene 5 Guinevere takes charge
Can’t Help Singing these Songs -Knights leave
Scene 6 Guinevere and Ladies make plans
Superior Ones
Scene 7 Forest - 2 Headed Knight - Stand By Your Man
Scene 8 Bors is so dumb - Pretend Dragon
Scene 9 Customs - Strange Man - Metal Detector
Knights of Camelot
Scene 10 Ballroom - Messenger - When the Going Gets Tough
Scene 11 Prison Cell - Morgan explains to trolls
I Feel Lonely
Scene 12 Limerick Knights - Switched Off Minds
Scene 13 Prison Cell – Morgan Le Fey confesses – I Will Survive


Scene 13 Inn - Sir Apathy
Scene 14 Ladies of the Lake - Dancing Competition
I Love the Knightlife
Scene 15 Bors and Percival trying to solve riddle
Cute but not too Smart - Answer is U
Scene 16 Prison - What Did We Eat?
All Locked Up - Rotten Apple
Collecting Discs
Knight Fever


Knight on horse

Knight with sword

Knight with sword raised

I Love the Knightlife title

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