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Extras - Tarzan & Jane the musical

Running Sheet

Act 1
Tarzan and Jane (Chorus)
Scene 1 Bookshop Proposition
Scene 2 Tarzan and Jane seek Professional Help
Scene 3 The Safari team is Assembled
Scene 4 Cannibal Convention
Voodoo (Witchdoctor and Cannibals)
Scene 5 Gooly Gooly Cruises
Scene 6 Tit Willow Incident
Scene 7 Winterbottom’s Secret Plan
Diamonds (Winterbottom and Chorus)
Scene 8 Jane meets her sister Rita
Scene 9 Jane Falls For Croc Hunter
Stupid Aussie (Croc Hunter and Chorus)
Scene 10 How To Woo A Woman
Scene 11 Witchdoctor’s Surprise
Voodoo Reprise (Witchdoctor and Cannibals)

Act 2
Scene 1 Kelvin Kline’s Mission
A Butt To Put My Brand On (Kelvin and Lovely Ladies)
Scene 2 Sealing the Meal Deal with Big Chief
Scene 3 The Jungle Drums Speak
Tarzan is Back (Tarzan and Chorus)
Scene 4 Who Will Save the Day?
Scene 5 Final Conflict
Tarzan and Jane (Tarzan and Jane)