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Script - Scenes from Treasure Island

Talk of Mutiny

Scrub: What's the plan BBQ?

Silver: Let's keep pretendin' until we get to the island. How are the boys?

Scrub: Most are with us. They are hangin' out for the money. What will you do with your share?

Silver: Most would spend their fortune straight away and then head back out to sea with nothing but the pants they're wearing. But I'm goin' on 50 now. Long John is goin' to retire and become a gentleman of leisure after this trip. Why matey, you and me will be spending our afternoons drinking beer and watching the sunset.

Scrub: Sounds good to me. You just give us the nod when you're ready to make a move on Smollett.

Silver: Won't be long now.

(Another pirate approaches as the first leaves. He is watchful and creeps up to Silver with apprehension.)

Pete: Dick's square.

Silver: I see … who's Dick?

Pete: Dick's up the Crow's Nest.

Silver: Lucky Dick.

Pete: He says he's with us when we make our move. How long are we going to bump around like blessed bum-boats 'cause I've had enough of Smollett already?

Silver: You've got no brains but you can hear can't you? Well your ears are big enough anyhow. You'll speak soft and keep sober 'til I give the word.

Pete: But why can't …

Silver: (Makes the "Doctor Evil" shoosh action.) Shoosh … 'til I give the word.

Pete: But …

Silver: I have a whole bag full of shoosh with your name on it.

Pete: When?

Silver: Right at the last minute. Let this pompous Captain lead us right to Treasure Island then we'll let it rip!

Pete: Good thinkin'.

Silver: Only one thing I claim and that's Trelawney. I'll ring his big cow's head off his stupid fat body. Now matey, let's have an apple from the barrel.

(They go to open the barrel where Jim is hiding but they are distracted by Dick in the crow's nest.)

Dick: Land Ho!

Silver: Forget the apple let's have a rum! To Captain Flinty! Land Ho!

Blindpew Arrives

Billy: You get that. I'm off for a little stroll.

(Billy starts to creep off again S.L. while Jim reluctantly moves towards the door. The Barman is still unconscious leaning over the bar.)

Blindpew: Where am I?

Jim: The Admiral Benbow Inn Sir.

Blindpew: Take my hand and help a poor old blind man sonny. (When they make it into the room Blindpew turns Jim in an armlock.)

Blindpew: Take me to the Captain!

Jim: He's not here any more.

Blindpew: Don't lie to me. Show me where he is or I'll break your arm.

Jim: Alright I'll show you. Just let me go first.

(Blind Pew releases his grip. Jim takes this opportunity to get as far away from him as possible.)

Blindpew: Well, where is he?

Jim: Over there! (He points and runs away.)

Blindpew: Where? Never mind, I know you're in here Billy Bones. I can smell the rum on your breath. Did you think you could hide from me? (He swings his stick around the room.) You cannot escape this time. (He grabs the barman's bottom who is still lying unconscious over the bar.)
Ah-ha I've got you now, I'd recognise that face anywhere.

Barman: Can I help you?

Blindpew: No thanks, I'm just looking.
(Billy clicks his musket into firing position. Blind Pew disarms him with his staff)
I may be blind but I can still hear you Billy. Hold out your right hand. I have a present for you.

Barman: Why can't I have friends like this?

(Blindpew places the Black Spot in his right hand after having a little trouble finding where it is. He leaves laughing maniacally)

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